August 10-12, 2020
Washington, DC

Collaborative Learning Event

Dementia (Care): Beyond Locked Doors

Sunday, August 9
1:00 - 5:00p.m.

It is time to challenge the assumption that people with dementia should live in a locked and segregated environment.

This highly participatory afternoon of dialogue and information sharing will explore the philosophical underpinnings of the growing movement to unlock memory care, consider the practical implications of this shift toward intentional inclusion, and begin to spark new ideas to move toward less restrictive environments and enable people with dementia to move freely throughout the residential community where they live.

  • Why do we segregate based on diagnosis?
  • How do we juggle the values of safety and autonomy?
  •  What do people living with dementia want for themselves?
  • How do we foster inclusive environments that prioritize person-directedness and wellbeing?

Join invited providers, advocates and people living with dementia to explore these and other questions from a range of perspectives.

The time will be divided between brief talks, small group conversations and large group facilitated dialogue. Participants are encouraged to come ready to engage, reflect, and ask big questions.


You must be preregistered for this event to attend. Space is limited to the first 40 participants.

  • Full - Provider (Leadership Summit, includes Sun event) – $935 (member) / $1,385 (non-member)
  • Full – Business Firm (Leadership Summit, includes Sun event) -  $1,600 (member) / $1,995 (non-member)
  • Sun Daily – Provider (Sun event only) - $99 (member) / $199 (non-member)
  • Sun Daily – Business Firm (Sun event only) - $199 (member) / $399 (non-member)

What to Expect from a Collaborative Learning Event?
Unlike traditional education experiences in which designated speakers provide solutions, share lessons learned, or give updates on the latest policies or research findings, LeadingAge’s collaborative learning events are highly interactive, participatory gatherings in which ALL participants contribute to the learning. The goal of collaborative learning is for participants to gain, build, and share knowledge through a process of open dialogue and deep reflection with a focus on exposure to diverse perspectives.

Please Note: CEs are not offered for the Collaborative Learning Event.

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